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  • We offer professional graphic design experience. If you do not already have your logo or graphics, we will develop artwork that you are sure to love.
    Our artistic and creative talent will create a design that sets you apart from everyone else.

  • We work directly with you. Unlike our competitors, we offer so much more than the one-size-fits-all templates that limit creative possibilities.
    Our design experts work with you one-on-one to bring YOUR vision to life.

  • We use a patented technology to carve intricate designs with sand, giving the finished product a very smooth etch.

  • Whether you need a marketing and branding strategy, a one-of-kind token of appreciation for your star employees, or that unique donor gift, we have the talent and experience to impress the best.
  • Founding Team

    Dara Burge
    Dara Burge
    Creative Director
    Dara has 14 years of graphic design experience that spans from commercial marketing, design firms, and a variety of freelance work. Every aspect of design brings a new experience. For instance, at the commercial level, Dara’s designs were being transformed into 30 second commercial spots (to hear Dara explain it, you would think she animated a Pixar movie). Now, with etching, there is an entirely different emotion. It is mesmerizing to see her beautiful designs come to life as they are sand carved into various objects.
    Sadie Mae
    Sadie Mae
    Office Manager
    This Tulsa native has been patiently waiting for her time to shine. For years she has sat back with a watchful eye, and now…she runs the show. She allows Paul and Dara to think that they have everything under control, when in reality, she is the glue to the entire operation.
    Paul Schroeder
    Paul Schroeder
    Director of Operations
    Paul has been instrumental in building the infrastructure and repeatable operational processes for four Oklahoma companies.  His Master’s degree in Biochemistry and 30+ years of forensic science experience have honed his attention to detail to nearly an art form.  Process improvement has been his stock and trade for his entire professional career and equips him perfectly for his efforts as The Chizel’s Operations Director.


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